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My goal is to add a little laughter into the products we love and use everyday. 

Because life is too short and there will always be sad moments.... so why not sneak in a laugh everywhere you can?

Why Tea Infusers?

I love herbal tea... one can only drink so much wine to stay sane and calm. I enjoy all the adorable silicon animal tea infusers but discovered there were no clever, expensive feeling, stainless steel options for myself or to give as a gift.

I hated that the chain would always fall back into the cup, so I thought I could make a heavy medallion to hold it down, instead of a cute trinket that would turn and not work anyway.

The medallions are made from high quality, heavy duty stainless steel, because they had to be dishwasher safe! Besides, I also like products that feel expensive and nice in my hand.

These make perfect bridal party, birthday, Mother's Day and Just Because gifts. 

~Candace Berry

Owner, Manager, Marketing Director, Customer Service

and all around Worker Bee

#Laugh for Life

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