#Laugh for Life

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I had my beautiful daughter just days after turning 20. Like all moms without a college degree, I started out in odd jobs.


I later trained and became a licensed massage therapist. I slowly built a little 2 room studio, creating a few more jobs for women needing flexible hours like me.


With college coming next Fall, wow time flies, and knowing my hands won't last forever, I learned how to make & sell cool things I would like. I made a small product with only a couple hundred units to practice and learn without a huge investment. 


And now I am in the final stages of producing my first tea infusers. My goal is to add a little laughter into the products we love and use every day. 

Because life is too short and there will always be sad moments.... so why not sneak in

a laugh everywhere you can?

~Candace Berry

Owner, Manager, Marketing, Customer Service

and all-around Worker Bee

Gifts with a sense of humor...